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Lawn Care Services & Lawn Treatment in the UK

At Lawnkeeper, we’re experts at offering lawn care services, such as repairing, restoring and caring for damaged lawns. If you’re battling patchy, boggy, diseased or weed-infested turf, we can fix it for you. Our qualified technicians use the latest lawn treatments to restore your grass to its natural state and give you a lawn you can be proud of.

For more than 25 years, Lawnkeeper have been giving its customers the freedom to enjoy fresh, healthy lawns of lush green grass. We work with thousands of clients across the UK, helping them to keep their lawns in good health for a surprisingly low fee

Our Lawn Care Services

The simplest path

To Perfect Grass

As professional lawn care experts, we can diagnose and cure most common lawn problems. Whether you’re battling weeds, moss or red thread disease, we’ll fix the problem for you in a fast, effective way, and we cost less than you might think. Discover some of the lawn problems we can fix.


Lawn Analysis

We will first visit you to assess the lawn and diagnose any problems


Plan of Action

We will provide you with a plan of action, a quotation and outline timings


A Perfect Lawn

We Implement the plan to produce a lawn that you can be proud of



Save time and money with Lawnkeeper

A DIY approach to lawn care gets very expensive very quickly. If you misinterpret the signs of lawn disease, or if you make the wrong assumption about why your grass isn’t flourishing, you can spend a lot of time and money on substandard chemicals that make the problem worse. At Lawnkeeper, we use the latest equipment and the best professional lawn care materials to get the job done right.

You’ll get professional lawn care for a fantastic price. We use the latest lawn care equipment and we leverage the combined buying power of our nationwide network, so we’re able to keep our own costs low and pass those savings on to our clients. What’s more, our lawn analysis is completely free.

Lawn Care Advice

June 2023 Newsletter

Lawns are showing the effects of the hot and dry start to June, but temperatures will moderate and will probably stay above average through the
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April 2023 Newsletter

It has certainly been a wet start to spring but looking further ahead, a chance of more settled weather is forecast, with drier conditions more
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December 2022 Newsletter

After a warm and very wet autumn, some lawns have become saturated so do try to keep off them as much as possible and be prepared for some
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September 2022 Newsletter

Without the excessive temperatures, some very much needed rain at last and leaves starting to fall, there can be no doubt autumn is not far away after what has
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June 2022 Newsletter

After a relatively dry spring, showers and rain this Jubilee weekend will be followed by a brief dry spell early next week, before low pressure
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March 2022 Newsletter

It has been another mild and wet winter resulting in many lawns becoming waterlogged and a resurgence of moss. However, with dry and mild conditions in
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A nationwide network of local experts

Lawnkeeper’s network of qualified technicians spans the breadth of the UK.

Every technician covers a single geographic territory, and they’re well versed in the local lawn problems that your area faces. What’s more, the fact that they’re based nearby makes them fully accountable.

Meet your local Lawnkeeper technician – discover the areas we cover.

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