April Lawn Care Tips

Get cutting!

Now we have warmer temperatures with some moisture most lawns will require weekly cutting, with the clippings collected. As before please do not try to give the lawn a short cut all in one go! Reduce the height slowly.

Get repairing!

April is an ideal month to repair any poor or damaged areas of your lawn. The easiest way is to apply some new grass seed to the poor area.

Firstly lightly fork the area to cultivate the soil and if required add some top soil.

Grass seed needs contact with soil for it to germinate, so please do not just sprinkle on a hard compacted soil or on a lawn full of dead plant matter (Thatch).

The seed needs mixing in with the soil but not buried, you should always see some of the seed on the surface. You will require only 35-50g per meter square. Do not put too much seed on it can lead to weak grass.

If buying the seed for a domestic lawn look at the mixture of different grasses contained in the pack and make sure there is some Dwarf Rye grass and Creeping Fesques to give you the strength of grass.

After seeding gently firm the area with a light roller and then keep damp until you see the seed emerge.

Do not worry about protecting from the birds, but protection from pets or little feet will help.

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