April / May Lawn Care Tips

April has seen some surprising variations in weather across the country, with the London Marathon even being forecast to experience snow showers at some point!

Wherever you are, however, the warmer temperatures with moisture will mean that your lawn will soon require cutting once a week. Remember that instead of trying to do a short cut all in one go, you should gradually reduce the height of the mower, and remove all the clippings afterwards. Make sure that the mower blades are as sharp as possible, as the moisture in the lawn means that it is harder for the mower to cut – and if there isn’t a clean cut you risk the grass being bruised.

If you have light bumps and unevenness on your lawn then a light roll whilst we have this moisture will reduce the bumps caused by frost heave or worm casts, but if your lawn is very unlevel then this will be insufficient. If you’re not sure then speak to your local Lawnkeeper professional for advice!

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