Autumn lawn care: how to remove toadstools & mushrooms

mushroomsRecently due to the weather we have seen many toadstools and mushrooms appearing on lawns.

Removing toadstools & mushrooms

Toadstools can be removed by picking off by hand (wear gardening gloves as a precaution) or brushing them off. Alternatively they can be mown off with a box on the lawnmower in order to collect them.

Generally there are two methods of reducing the development of toadstools in established lawns:

  1. Reduce the amount of thatch by scarifying the lawn.
  2. Check for buried debris under the lawn. With a pocket knife, dig under a clump of toadstools and look for plant debris. If it is there, your toadstools are growing from that, not the lawn itself. Dig it out and replace the turf.

Can you use fungicides to treat toadstools?

There are no fungicides available in the UK for use against toadstools and mushrooms in lawns. Fungi are beneficial to the lawn and as toadstools are only temporary and do not damage the lawn, there is no need to apply a fungicide.

To conclude, fungi in lawns and turfed areas are, for the most part, beneficial. Some fungi do cause disease and will need your attention. Toadstools usually appear when conditions are right for them, however, they will not damage the turf and are usually only temporary.

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