Autumn lawn care tips

Removing mushrooms and toadstools

Mushrooms and toadstools rarely do any harm to a lawn, but if you wish to remove them the easiest way is to pick them by hand (wearing gloves in case it is a poisonous species). You may also wish to use a brush, or mow them (with a box on the lawnmower to collect the pieces).

Two things can be done to help reduce the growth of fungi in the future:

  • Scarify the lawn, which helps to reduce the amount of thatch.
  • Check for buried debris under the lawn. With a pocket knife, dig under a clump of toadstools and look for plant debris. If it is there, your toadstools are growing from that, not the lawn itself. Dig it out and replace the turf.


Aeration results in increased root growth. New and stronger roots lead to healthier and stronger plants. September/October is a good time to aerate, at present we are recommending aeration as we visit all our customers who we know their lawns will benefit.

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