A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself!

lawnpic1Now we have warmer temperatures with some moisture, most lawns will require weekly cutting, with the clippings collected.

Please try and cut when you get chance, you do not have to wait for the perfect conditions. Most mowers with a sharp blade will cut in damp conditions. Remember to give the mower a good clean afterwards.

You can also reduce the height of the cut but do not go lower than 3/4 of an inch.

A light roll while moisture is the soil will help reduce any small bumps.

Repairs to poor areas of lawn

Any seeding carried out last month may be taking a while to emerge, but with the rise in temperatures and the recent rain it should start to appear.

Do not cut new grass until it is about 2 inches in height and then only a very light trim. Keep cutting at this height until well established.

Red Thread Disease

We are starting to see Red Thread Disease appearing on lawns, this is small brown patches with red tips. The disease will not kill the grass but can make the lawn look poor. We can apply a fungicide which will control the active spores and help the grass recover, it will also protect the grass from further outbreaks for 6-8 weeks. please contact me for more details.

Also appearing are toadstools and mushrooms this is down to the weather conditions and there is no cost effective control. The best action is to remove by hand to stop the spores spreading.

Any problems or concerns, please let us know.


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