How to control lawn moss in early spring

Is your lawn suffering a moss infestation? You’re not alone. Lawn moss thrives in the darkest and wettest months of the year, so the problem is often at its worst at this time of year. Discover some of the ways that you can fight moss and reclaim your grass this spring.

Fighting Winter Moss

For most gardens in the UK, lawn moss is just a fact of life in early March. Months of low-lying winter sun have left large patches of the lawn in shade for most of the day, the grass plant itself has been close to dormant, and the soil has been very damp …and when you combine shade, damp soil and weak competition from neighbouring plants, you almost always get moss.

So, what are the best ways to fight off this common garden problem? At Lawnkeeper, we use a combination of spray-based and mechanical methods to safely control moss and get lawns ready for spring.


Spray Treatments

Lawnkeeper will spray a liquid moss control on your lawn. While there are lots of chemicals on the market that can be used to weaken moss, at Lawnkeeper we use iron sulphate-based treatments wherever possible. Not only is iron sulphate completely safe for humans and pets, it also delivers a double-whammy of moss control benefits, weakening moss and strengthening the surrounding grass in one move. Lawn treatments with iron sulphate can make a lawn’s soil slightly more acidic, which helps to keep other problems like worm casts under control.

As with most spray-based treatments, iron sulphate needs to be applied in the right dosage, with the right equipment, so it’s always best to get a professional to handle the job. At Lawnkeeper, our lawn care technicians are certified in the safe handling and application of herbicides (PA1 and PA6A), and we’re experts when it comes to moss control.


Mechanical Treatments

Moss doesn’t ‘take root’ in the traditional sense; instead, it grows on the surface of the soil, filling the gaps between the individual grass plants that make up your lawn. To pick the moss out of your soil without disturbing the surrounding grass, you need a scarifier. Scarifiers are machines with sharp thin blades that rake between the blades of grass in your lawn, stripping the moss and thatch out of your lawn without causing long-term lawn damage.

At Lawnkeeper we use our professional scarifying machines to remove as much moss as possible, but still leaving you with a healthy-looking lawn.


Feed & Weed Treatments

After the bulk of the moss has been removed from your lawn, we usually follow up with a feed & weed treatment. We adjust our feed and weed treatments with the seasons to ensure that your grass gets precisely what it needs, at the right time, to grow and fight off future lawn problems.


Long-term lawn moss prevention

You can never get rid of moss completely. Moss spores are in the air all around us – when the conditions are right, moss will grow in your lawn. You can, however, reduce the odds of it taking hold, by keeping a healthy, well-drained lawn. If you’d like to know more about keeping your lawn looking its best, give your local Lawnkeeper technician a call. We’ll visit you for a free lawn analysis and show you how to fall in love with your lawn again.

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