Is it summer…finally?

Many areas of the country have had wetter weather than normal, and with Wimbledon fast approaching it seems inevitable that we will see more rain (and the covers on Centre Court!)

But warmer temperatures do mean faster growing grass, and it’s important to mow regularly. Don’t be tempted to cut too short so that you don’t have to mow so often – following the ‘one third’ rule is a pretty good way to schedule your mowing: try to remove no more than one third of the grass height at any one time.

Another thing to consider when mowing is direction. Although you may be a One Direction fan, grass isn’t, and benefits from being mowed from different directions each time – this both helps the grass to remain upright and reduces the chances of ruts appearing in the ground.

And what if it becomes dry all of a sudden? Hosepipe bans permitting, a good watering once or twice a week is much better than a small amount of water every day, and if you have patches which have been reseeded then it’s vital to keep those areas moist to allow the seeds to germinate.

If you are going on holiday for a few weeks and it’s forecast to be dry when you’re away, you may like to consider a wetting agent treatment. A wetting agent improves the absorption of any moisture into the soil and reduces the risks of dry patches, poor root development and yellowing grass due to poor photosynthesis.

Now is the time to enjoy your lawn – have long summer barbeques or play ball games with your children or grandchildren. Grass is very tough and can handle lots of walking and playing on during the summer!

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