Is moss a problem for you?

Many regions around the UK experienced a mild and wet winter – and the unfortunate result of this (apart from a lack of snowmen!) is moss in the lawn.  Part of our treatments include a moss control which will help for a period of time, but what is also needed is a plan to reduce the conditions in which moss thrives – ie to to stop the moss from growing in the first place.

Things which you should consider (many of which can be done by your local Lawnkeeper representative) are:

  • Scarification to reduce the moss and thatch in the lawn;
  • Aeration to improve the surface drainage and improve the grass vigour;
  • Raising the height of the cut to increase the ‘sward’ of grass;
  • Reducing any shade if possible – consider pruning of trees/bushes;
  • Introducing new grass seed to improve poor areas of grass.

So although we can treat moss, a long term plan such as this will help to reduce the moss appearing in the first place. With climate change forecast to give us wetter, warmer winters, then this is something many people will have to consider. Talk to us if you’d like some advice!

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