July lawn care tips

The year to date has seen much lower rainfall than last year. For grass to grow well a certain level of moisture is required, any shortfall of moisture and the grass will turn brown as it conserves energy. Higher temperatures also put the grass under stress. A healthy lawn will naturally show these signs but will recover quickly as the plant and root structure are stronger.

Some tips to help your lawn through the summer:

  • Raise the height of the cut this help retain any moisture and keeps the grass slightly cooler.
  • A good watering once per week
  • Consider an application of a wetting agent which helps retain moisture in the soil, This encourages the maximum usage and absorption of moisture by the soil.please get in touch for more details and a quote
  • Cut the grass regularly this will help reduce the infestation of grass weeds. Weed grass continues to grow in poor conditions faster than the more desirable lawn grass. ( see below for more details on weed grass)

Watering your lawn

Grass needs moisture to grow and if we get a long dry period it will help if you are able to water the lawn. A good water once per week will help,having a few days between watering allows the soil to dry out and encourages the roots to go deeper searching for moisture. Watering early or late in the day will reduce any evaporation. A tip to get even coverage is to place a container on the grass under the sprinkler and keep watering until it has reached @1 inch and then move the sprinkler and measure again.


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