July lawn care tips

The past month has seen temperatures rise and much drier conditions. At the moment, with soil moisture levels high, grass is still growing well.

A weekly cut is recommended at the same height of @ 3/4 of an inch.

If the higher temperatures continue with low rainfall the grass may start slowing down and may start turning brown at this point if not before we recommend the following:

  • Raise the height of the cut by 1/2 inch
  • A good watering once per week
  • Consider an application of a wetting agent which helps retain moisture in the soil – please get in touch for more details and a quote.
  • Cut the grass regularly – this will help reduce the infestation of grass weeds.

Weeds in Lawns

lesser-trefoilThe weed to the right is Lesser Trefoil or Yellow Suckling Clover. It is an annual weed which appears in May and June. The low growth habit means that it misses the blades of the mower. If left unchecked it can spread. Our next visit to your lawn will include weed control which will control all the weeds showing at the time. Sometimes because of the growth habit it can take more than one treatment to control.


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