June lawn care tips

lawnpic1The past few weeks rain and warmer temperatures plus longer day light hours have created perfect growing conditions for grass. We recommend the following:

  • Cutting the grass at least every 7 days if possible!
  • If the grass gets away from you please do not try and cut it down in one pass with the mower, two cuts a few days apart will be better.
  • Please try and cut when you get chance, you do not have to wait for the perfect conditions. Most mowers with a sharp blade will cut in damp conditions. Remember to give the mower a good clean afterwards.
  • You can also reduce the height of the cut but do not go lower than 3/4 of an inch.

Aeration and seeding poor areas of a lawn

Any poor areas of grass such as high traffic areas will benefit from an aertion with an aerator or even a fork to create some holes for the grass seed to fall into and then germinate. So create plenty of holes then apply grass seed and water well. A light covering of fine top soil will help encourage germination. If you would like any help or advice please do get in touch.

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