Boggy Lawn


Boggy and Waterlogged Grass

Moist and miserable underfoot, a waterlogged lawn can ruin your grass and render your precious outside space unusable. A boggy lawn is impossible to mow and susceptible to moss and disease, and in most cases completely preventable with the right lawn care strategy.

What causes a boggy lawn?

A boggy or waterlogged lawn occurs when rainwater can’t penetrate the soil beneath your grass. This usually happens due to soil compaction, poor preparation when the lawn was originally put down, or the wrong soil type under your grass.

How Lawnkeeper can fix a boggy lawn

It’s rare that we would recommend stripping your lawn back to the soil or re-turfing it completely; there’s usually a less intrusive option available (wetting agents and aeration, for example. It all depends on what’s causing your boggy lawn. We can diagnose the problem for you in person – just ask us for a free lawn analysis.

Book your free lawn analysis

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of a boggy lawn, give us a call. We’ll explain the precise issues that your lawn faces and set out a treatment plan so that you can fall in love with your lawn again.

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