Broadleaf Weeds

Broad Leaved Lawn Weeds

Any lawn weed with a ‘broad leaf’ (e.g. buttercups, dandelions and daisies) can be classed as a broadleaf weed. The thick foliage of a broadleaf weed often starves the neighbouring grass of vital sunlight and prevents rainwater reaching the soil beneath. Left unchecked, broadleaf weeds can leave unsightly patches of bare soil in a lawn and cause a build-up of thatch beneath the surface.

How we treat broadleaf weeds

The precise treatment will change depending on the species of broad leaf plant you’re dealing with, but we typically start with a professional-grade feed & weed solution. We are certified in the safe application of the strongest herbicides on the market, and our feed & weed treatments are specially formulated to fight off broadleaf weeds whilst strengthening the grass. We may also recommend further bespoke treatments, depending on the severity of your broadleaf infestation.

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