Brown Lawn


Brown Grass Patches

Brown grass is one of the most unsightly problems that any garden owner can experience … and it usually occurs at the height of the summer when you need your lawn for barbecues and weekends with the family.

Causes of brown lawn

When you see brown grass, it’s often a sign of a disease (such as red thread) or that the lawn is starved of waterair or nutrients. Depending on the soil conditions, grass can be starved of water even after heavy rainfall. If rainwater is beading on the surface, it’s a sign that the soil has become compacted or hydrophobic, which can cause grass roots to dry out. Brown lawn might also be caused by a pH imbalance or a build-up of thatch under the surface. The best way to be sure is with a lawn analysis.

How to repair a brown lawn

To bring back an oasis of rich green grass, you first need to give your lawn a fair chance to recover from the problems that have led to it turning brown. The best way to achieve this is usually by improving the environment in which the grass grows. At Lawnkeeper, we often use a bespoke combination of lawn care treatments, including wetting agents, feed & weed, aeration and scarification, to get the air, moisture and nutrients back into the soil and give brown lawns the boost they need to get back to a healthy verdant green

Replacing dead grass

Sometimes, there’s no saving a damaged lawn. In extreme cases where your lawn is too heavily damaged to recover, we will recommend a selective lawn turfing or lawn seeding programme. Replacing dead grass isn’t cheap, so it’s always better to cure your brown lawn problem at the first signs of trouble.

Fix Dead Grass with Lawnkeeper

Lawnkeeper treatments are designed to restore your lawn to its natural lush green state. Get in touch with us today and we’ll show you how to fall in love with your lawn again.

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