Grass Weeds


Grass Weeds in Your Lawn

Daisies, dandelions, chickweed and other grass weeds are common in lawns across the UK. Not only do grass weeds block sunlight and draw precious nutrients from your lawn’s soil, they can ruin the look of your lawn and create an uncomfortable sensation underfoot. We’re experts at identifying lawn weeds, and applying the correct weed treatment, in the right quantities, at the right time.

The problems with DIY weed control

Manual weeding is back-breaking hands-and-knees work, and it only lasts a season. What’s more, if you weed at the wrong time of year you can actually help spread the seeds of your weed infestation, making the problem worse than if you had done nothing. The same goes for using your lawnmower; you might be able to strip the top leaves off your weeds, but the weed roots will stay in your soil unharmed. You’ll either see fresh shoots from the root ball in a matter of days, or you’ll create unhealthy pockets of thatch (dead plant debris).

The root of the problem: grass weeds underground

The biggest problem with grass weeds is what happens under the soil. The root clusters of many lawn weeds are large and hungry, stealing the precious space and nutrients that your grass depends on to look its best. When your grass can’t get a firm footing in its own soil due to competing plant life, it also struggles to repair itself after mowing, which increases the risk of infection.

Grass weeds we deal with

We can deal with most weeds such as daisies and dandelions . Thanks to our qualifications as lawn care experts, we have the equipment and the skills to ensure that most domestic weeds can be either killed off completely or kept at bay all year round. Discover our weed control treatments, or get in touch and we'll visit you for a free lawn analysis.

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