Mossy Lawn


Mossy Grass

If your lawn is naturally damp and shady, then a mossy lawn is most likely a recurring problem for you. Moss can sneak up on your lawn; its natural green colour blends so perfectly with grass at the start of its life that you often won’t notice it until it’s all over the garden.

The Problem with Lawn Moss

If you don’t manage it, moss can create ugly patches of discolouration, make your garden feel boggy underfoot and invite harmful new lawn diseases. Moss loves damp, low-light environments like north-facing gardens and boundary fence ditches, and can cause drainage problems if not addressed. Another problem with lawn moss is that there’s no such thing as a permanent one-time cure; moss spores are in the air all around us, and moss will take hold and start growing wherever it can.

The DIY solution to a mossy lawn

You can try to get rid of lawn moss yourself, but it’s back-breaking work, and the results don’t last long. You first need to weaken the lawn moss with an over-the-counter treatment, then get out and manually remove it from the soil with a scarifying rake.

Lawnkeeper’s moss control solution

At Lawnkeeper, we’ve developed a moss control strategy that helps you stay on top of lawn moss with regular visits spread out throughout the year. First, we apply a powerful moss control agent, then use professional-grade scarifiers to slice through the topsoil and comb out your lawn moss on an industrial scale. In some cases, your lawn may also benefit from professional aeration. As with all our lawn care treatments, our moss control treatment is a bespoke service built to suit your garden’s unique aspect, microclimate and grass health.

Learn more about our moss control services

Our scarification treatment is very popular with our lawn care customers, but it’s not the only moss control treatment we offer. Find out more about lawn moss control, or take a look at our patio moss control service.

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