Patchy Grass


Patchy Lawn Grass

When patches appear in your lawn, it can often feel like you’re sitting in a to-do list, rather than a relaxing private oasis…especially if you don’t know why the lawn patches have appeared in the first place, or what you need to do to fix them.

What causes patchy grass?

Patchy grass can present itself in several ways. You might see pockets of uneven grass growth, strange patches of discolouration or completely bald soil, depending on the underlying cause and how long the patchy grass problem has existed. Lawn problems like poor soil drainage, weed infestations, lawn diseases and lawn pests can all create patchy grass, but often it’s a combination of two or more factors.

How we treat patchy grass

More than 20 years of lawn care experience has taught us that there’s no point in re-seeding or turfing a patchy lawn if the root cause of the problem isn’t fixed first. That’s why, at Lawnkeeper, our priority is always to improve the overall health of your lawn and address any pre-existing conditions. As soon as we know that your lawn is healthy, with loamy, well-draining soil, we go to work repairing the patchy grass.

Get a free lawn analysis

Lawn repair is specialist work, but it costs less than you might expect. If you’re not sure what’s caused your patchy grass, call us out for a free lawn analysis. We’ll be happy to show you what’s causing the problem, then we’ll put together a treatment plan to get your lawn looking its best again.

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