Red Thread


Red Thread in the Lawn

Red thread, as its name suggests, causes red and pinkish threads to appear on the lawn. These threads are caused by a fungus (Laetisaria Fuciformis / Corticium Fuciforme) which grows on infected blades of grass and spreads quickly. As it matures, the fungus blanches to a near-white, leaving your precious green space looking sickly and washed-out.

The perfect conditions for Red Thread

Wet summers are the ideal environment for red thread to take hold in your garden. When the soil hasn’t had a decent summer season to dry out properly, or when nitrogen levels in your soil are low, funguses like red thread can settle on the blades of your grass.

DIY Treatment: Managing Red Thread Yourself

It’s a time-consuming job if you attack red thread yourself, and it can often cause more trouble than it’s worth. Very often you’ll end up with a shed full of confusing and half-empty bottles of lawn care chemicals, and if you don’t apply the fungicide correctly, you can ‘teach’ the red thread to survive treatment. If you want to stop the disease from spreading every time you mow the lawn, you should also manage your grass cuttings and clean your lawn mower blades carefully.

Lawnkeeper’s Red Thread solution

As soon as our lawn analysis confirms that we are indeed facing red thread (and not a disease with similar symptoms like fusarium), we can apply a fungicidal treatment to the affected areas, then feed the lawn with special acidity regulators to reduce the risk of future infection (these acidity regulators work by letting oxygen in and carbon dioxide out).

We can also scarify to remove layers of thatch that can ‘suffocate’ the living grasses and aerate to keep your grass well-drained (fungi can thrive in lawns with high moisture levels).

Find out if you’ve got Red Thread

With hard-to-diagnose diseases like red thread, “knowing is half the battle”. We can confirm the diseases that your lawn is facing, then advise the right course of action so that you can get back to an inviting, comfortable sea of green grass. If you suspect that you might have red thread, call us. We can provide you with a free lawn analysis and a definitive diagnosis. We’re certified in the safe handling and application of fungicidal treatments, and we take away any excess treatments so that you’re not left with a cluttered shed of half-used bottles.

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