Looking after your lawn in dry weather

The prolonged hot weather this summer has made a lot of lawns look less than their best! Apart from watering, you may think that there aren’t many other things you can do to protect your lawn. You may also think that there is no need to apply a summer treatment from Lawnkeeper as it won’t work in the dry weather. You’d be wrong!

Don’t miss out on the treatment

It’s worth having your summer treatment according to the normal schedule, as the granular fertilizer will start activating as soon as there is enough moisture. The fertilizer is specially coated so it won’t harm the lawn during dry conditions, but will release nutrients into the soil once there is enough moisture. Unlike cheap fertilizers which you can buy in a garden centre, our professional grade fertilizers are completely safe to apply during a dry period. It won’t harm your lawn, and is safe for children and pets too.

The minute we get some rain, your lawn will start to benefit from the treatment. In fact, your lawn will recover more quickly with the treatment compared with no treatment at all. It’s also worth remembering that grass is incredibly resilient. Even though your lawn may look parched at the moment, the combination of a summer treatment and some early autumn rain will mean that it will soon be back to looking its best!

Speak to your local Lawnkeeper specialist if you’d like more information about our feed and weed service.


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