March lawn care tips

lawnmower2Starting to cut!

With the temperature slowly starting to rise and increased daylight hours the grass will soon be growing. Carry out the first cut sooner than later and only reduce the height no more than a quarter of the total length. Cutting the grass too short puts the grass under stress. If you get the grass under control now it will be easier to manage when it really starts growing. Please check your mowers blade, a new or sharpened blade will cut the grass cleanly and reduce any bruising that can be caused by the blade ‘tearing’ the grass.

Grass repairs

If you have any poor areas that have suffered over the winter it will help by applying some additional grass seed, perhaps not just yet as the temperatures are low but later in the month/April.

If it is a small area use a garden fork to produce a series of holes to help the soil structure and somewhere for the seed to germinate in, apply a suitable seed and cover with a fine top soil, then apply more grass seed and rake level. Remember the seed does not need to be totally burried in the soil.

Grass disease

Look out for any small patches of yellowish, dying grass that later turn brown, this could be a fungal disease called fusarium. Patches increase in size and may reach 30cm (12in) or more in diameter, often merging together so that large areas can be affected. During wet conditions a white or pinkish, cottony fungal growth may be noticed, particularly at the margins of the patch.

Please contact us if you have any concerns, we can apply a fungicide to control the effects of the disease.

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