March Lawn Care Tips

We would expect your lawns will need cutting at least twice this month, maybe more if the temperatures keep warm. Do not cut any shorter than 30mm – it is better to reduce the height over a couple of cuts, it is kinder to the grass and easier for yourself. The forecast is good for the next week so get the mower out!

Some lawns are covered in worm casts – we suggest sweeping when dry to spread the soil about before you cut the grass, this stops small areas of squashed soil all over the lawn. If worm casts are a problem we can apply a product which does not kill the worms but deters them.

Over winter some lawns become covered in small bumps. This can be down to the soil moving with cold temperatures (called frost heave) or worm activity. A light roll or a run over with the mower will help cure this.

Below are the main points for this month:

  • Cut the grass when conditions allow.
  • Do not walk on frosty lawns.
  • Brush worm casts before mowing.
  • A light roll will settle any small bumps.
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