Newsletter: January 2021

Worcestershire, as with most parts of the country, has had a cold, snowy and frosty start to the new year. Mature, well established lawns can easily see out the sub-zero temperatures we have experienced recently, and whilst there will inevitably be milder and drier or wetter periods later in January and into February, there are a few things to consider regarding your lawn to prevent any damage under cold and frosty conditions:

Keep off the grass!!  Avoid walking on the grass when it is frosty or covered in snow. When frozen, the grass blades are very brittle and may shatter under foot. Wait until later in the day when the grass has had a chance to thaw before walking on it.

Avoid shade. Frost and snow can linger for many days in shady, cold areas of the lawn. Have you got patio furniture or a stack of empty plant pots casting a shadow on the lawn? Move any bulky items away from the lawn for the remainder of the winter.

Don’t mow it!! Mowing grass when it is this cold and frosty will cause long term damage as it cannot grow and recover under these conditions. Instead, now might be the time to give your lawnmower a bit of TLC: does its blades need sharpening? Is it in need of a service? Or maybe now’s the time to treat yourself to a new one!?

Aside from that, admire your lawn from the warmth of your home for the time being – there will be plenty to do outside when the weather does warm up in early spring!

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