Newsletter: March 2021

The worst of the winter weather is now behind us and overnight frosts are few and far between. The grass is now awakening from its slumber and as things warm up its going to enter its high-growth spring phase. Some people will have already performed their first cut of the year, but if you have not then please consider this advice:

For the first cut of the year, set your mower to its highest setting so you are just clipping the top of the grass. If you cut off too much leaf then the grass will have to expend a lot of energy in recovering at a time when we’d rather it was developing stronger roots and thickening up the sward.

Lawns don’t necessarily look their best after the first cut, but after a week or so give it another cut, slightly lower. Repeat this process weekly if the lawn is growing sufficiently quickly. It’s recommended not to cut more than one-third off the length of the grass in one mow, and the perfect length is probably between one inch and two inches.

Now is also a good time to consider what else your lawn requires at the beginning of the spring:

Aerating: loosen up that compacted soil to help get air into the root layer, and space for the roots to grow deeper. It will also provide a more direct path for air, nutrients and water to get to the roots.

Scarifying: get rid of most of the dead matter (thatch) and moss in your lawn. This will allow air and moisture to get down to the roots, helping revitalise your lawn. As scarifying will leave the lawn looking a little unsightly for a few weeks, now is a good time to do it so it is fully recovered and looking at its best well in advance of the summer.

Fertilising: the lawn won’t have been fertilised since the autumn so making sure there is sufficient nitrogen available at a time when it is trying to grow strongly will help no end.

We are performing all of the above, and more, during the spring so if you’re not one of our existing customers then do get in touch to arrange your free lawn analysis and quotation, and to discuss how Lawnkeeper Worcester can help you achieve a lawn to be proud of in 2021.

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