Newsletter: May 2021

Where April gave us very dry weather and persistent cold nights, May has brought a fair amount of rain and the cold nights now appear to be behind us. The warmer weather and moisture in the soil should provide very good growth potential for the lawns in the coming weeks. However, along with this we are also starting to see the emergence of weeds, especially in weaker parts of the lawn.

The most common types of weed found on a lawn are classed as “broadleaf” (e.g. buttercups, dandelions, daisies). The leaf of these weeds prevent sunlight reaching the grass and stops water from reaching the soil beneath. Eventually, if untreated, these weeds can leave unsightly bare patches on the lawn.

In our Spring Application, in addition to a slow release fertiliser with an appropriate balance of nutrients for this time of year to strengthen the grass, we use a professional selective herbicide to attack the weed infestation. We then apply a further two doses of weedkiller in the summer and autumn as part of our recommended annual treatment programme.

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