October lawn care tips

appleGrass growth is now slowing down with the average temperature dropping and reduced day light, but please keep on cutting even if you are only cutting a small amount off. Regular cutting will help clear the leaves and other debris. It is also difficult to find a dry period at this time of year with heavy dews and more showers, so if the lawn needs a light trim this can be done when the grass is damp.

The height of cut should be @ 40mm – cutting too short can encourage moss to invade, and leaving the grass to grow long will encourage disease and weaker grass over winter.

The leaves are now starting to fall – do not allow leaves to build up on the grass for long periods of time, this can cause poor areas of grass and encourage disease in the lawn.

October is an ideal month for any turfing as the soil is still warm and damp so the grass will soon get established. Any sowing of grass seed ideally needs to be carried out before the soil temperature starts to drop.

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