Seeding and Germination


April has been a tough month for lawn care with low temperatures and next to no rain, though the long range forecast predicts a change in the weather ideal for gardening.

Soil temperature controls germination of seeds, uptake and response to fertiliser and therefore growth. Many of you will have done fewer cuts than normal in April which is typical of a slow cold start, but this also means the grass has less need for fertiliser therefore taking longer to green up and seed has poor germination rates.

Seeds are pretty resilient, so as the temperatures rise they will start germinating, though regular watering will be needed – you need to keep the seed damp until germinated. If it dries out within a few hours of watering you will stop the germination cycle so frequent light watering is essential.

Germination may take longer to get going when re-seeding areas where DIY Feed & Weeds/Moss Controls have been used and caused damage to the lawn, this will depend on which product has been used and the quantity put down. This information is always essential for lawn technicians to know before they carry out any treatments.


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