September Lawn Care Tips

lawnmower2With the cooler temperatures and rainfall over the past few weeks most lawns are growing well. In our experience lawns tend to have a growth spurt in September, so keep on cutting on a weekly basis.

In regards to cutting the lawn, please do try and cut in different directions, this gives an even cut, prevents permanent tram lines/wheelings in the grass and stops the grass growing horizontally in one direction.

Lawns are made up of different grass varieties all with different growth habits. If your lawn at the momment is made up of grass plants that have a green top 20% and the rest is stalk, which when cut looks brown in patches we would consider a one off low cut. This will cut off a lot of the stalk and allow the grass to shoot new leaves from a lower base. Please be aware the grass will look brown afterwards for a couple of weeks, and this needs to be carried out this month. Do not use this as an alternative to scarifying as it will not remove any of the thatch.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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