Disease Control

Diseased Grass Treatments

There’s nothing worse than an unhealthy lawn. When your grass is plagued by disease, you don’t want to cross the grass in wellies, let alone your bare feet. Lawn disease is not the end of your garden, however; most diseases can be cured or controlled quickly, safely and at a very reasonable cost.

How we cure diseased grass

Whether we’re called in to manage red thread or fusarium, our approach is always the same:

  1. First, we will look at the grass and take soil samples to determine the microclimatic factors encouraging the disease. We might see a thick layer of thatch, compacted soil or a pocket of fungus underneath the surface of the grass — whatever is causing the disease, we’ll take the time to understand it first.
  2. Second, we improve the health of the soil so that your grass stands a fighting chance of battling any future infections. We can break up waterlogged turf and compacted soil with a mix of aeration, scarification, wetting agents and other methods. If your grass roots aren’t strong enough, we have feed & weed treatments and growth regulators that can fix this.
  3. Third, we apply professional grade fungicides to the diseased area(s). We’re trained in the safe handling and application of these materials, and every solution we use is safe for pets and humans.
  4. The final step is to feed your grass with specially formulated slow release grass fertilisers. Two decades of experience have taught us that the best defence against lawn disease is always healthy, hardy grass with strong roots. The fertilisers we use will have your grass up to full strength in no time.

Healthy, disease-free lawns you can’t wait to enjoy

You should look forward to stepping out onto your lawn - it should connect you with nature and make you feel healthier and happier. That’s what our disease management services are all about – making your garden feel like a welcoming retreat that you want to spend time in.

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