Feed & Weed

Removing Weeds & Fertilising Your Lawn

When you’re suffering from weeds in your lawn, the most cost-effective way to kill weeds and strengthen grass is with a feed & weed treatment. Feed & Weed involves the careful application of specially formulated professional-grade fertilisers to give the grass the correct nutrients, and an industry-grade herbicide engineered to control lawn weeds.

Professional-grade feed & weed treatments

Not all feed & weed solutions are the same – all grass weeds respond differently to the various lawn treatments. At Lawnkeeper, we’re qualified in the safe handling and application of pesticides (PA1 and PA6A), which entitles us to use the strongest, most effective professional-grade feed & weed treatments on the market.

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Our feed & weed treatments can’t be bought over the counter — they’re licensed for use by qualified lawn care experts only.

How & When to Weed & Feed

The Lawnkeeper feed & weed programme is typically split over 5 treatments. Each treatment is specially formulated to work in harmony with the natural growth cycle of your lawn.

5 treatments to match your lawn's natural growth cycle

February – April

Your grass is ‘waking up’ from a long, cold winter. Moss control and slow-release feeds help prepare your lawn for the spring.

 April – June

Your grass is growing fast and it’s hungry. We replenish the soil with vital nutrients and apply a full weed treatment.

June – August

Barbecue season! Your grass is strongest at this time of year and needs to look its best. Treatment 3 ‘greens up’ the grass, keeps growth even and deals with persistent weeds.

August – October

Growth is still strong as we head towards winter. Treatment 4 is formulated to support root growth and help harden the grass in readiness for the colder months of the year.

November – January

Our final treatment of the year controls moss and helps your lawn endure the cold dark winter days. It’s also a chance for us to check for any signs of disease and/or infection.

Give Yourself a Lawn to be Proud of

Lush, green, weed-free lawns to be proud of — that’s the Lawnkeeper promise. Find out if your lawn could benefit from a feed and weed programme — book a free lawn analysis with a qualified lawn care technician today.

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