Growth Retardant

Lawn Growth Regulator

Get thicker, healthier grass that requires less mowing with a growth retardant! Growth retardants, also known as growth regulators, are one of the best ways to help your grass build up a stronger root network and appear thicker. Retardants are temporary treatments, so once the treatment has done its job there’s no long-term damage to your lawn. When applied properly, they’re a safe and worthwhile investment in the long-term health of your lawn.

What is growth retardant?

Growth retardant is a chemical solution that temporarily changes the hormone levels in your grass, effectively pausing your plant’s desire to grow upwards. Because your grass doesn’t grow as quickly in the weeks following treatment, you’ll save mowing time, but that’s not the main purpose of a growth retardant. The energy reserves your grass would normally spend growing upwards are instead redirected downwards and outwards. You get stronger root growth, better disease and stress resistance and a thicker sward. By the time the growth regulator wears off (it lasts about four weeks), your grass is stronger and healthier than it was before.

The benefits of growth retardant

With growth regulators, you get a healthier individual plant and a verdant, hardy lawn. Photosynthesis will improve, helping your lawn to survive long dark winters, and your lawn will need less watering in the dry summer months. Because your grass is healthier, it will do a much better job of resisting attack and infection in the years to come.

Low risk growth regulation treatments

It pays to get a professional to apply your growth retardant, as inaccurate spraying technique can affect germination and reproduction in neighbouring plants. At Lawnkeeper, we only use treatments that are safe for humans and pets, so our growth retardant treatments are very low-risk. We use commercial-grade materials and modern spraying equipment to give your grass an even, accurate coverage of just the right amount of growth retardant.

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