Hard Surface Moss Control

Moss Treatments for Driveways, Pavements and Patios

The dangers of moss on pavements and driveways

When moss builds up on driveways, patios and shady side passages, it’s only a matter of time before accidents happen. The species of moss that make their home on cement, tile and stone can be very slippery underfoot, holding a high volume of water which can freeze over in the winter months.

Treating hard surface moss

As lawn care experts, we have hands-on experience with most mosses commonly found in Britain; we’re also qualified in the safe handling and application of moss control treatments. The treatments we use are safe for humans and pets, too.

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Control hard surface moss with Lawnkeeper

If you’ve got a driveway, patio or pavement that needs moss treatment, give us a call. We’ll pop round and get the job done quickly and for a competitive price. If you’re interested, we can even give you a free lawn analysis while we’re there.

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