Hard Surface Weed Control

Weed Treatments for Driveways, Pavements and Patios

Weed Treatments for Driveways and Patios

Nothing ruins the look of a driveway or patio quite like weed growth. The sneaky broadleaf weeds and grass that push up through the cracks in asphalt and cement are hard to dislodge, and often spring back with surprising speed after you’ve spent hours weeding on your hands and knees.

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Controlling weeds in patios and driveways

As lawn care technicians, we have all the necessary training, experience and certification required to handle the most powerful herbicides and pesticides on the market. The solution we use to control weeds in driveways, patios and pavements is safe for pets and humans, and help keep your hard surfaces looking their best for months after each treatment.

Convenient and cost-effective: a new alternative to DIY weed control

We spray precisely enough weed treatment — no more, no less – and then take the leftover material away with us. You’ll avoid another half-full bottle of weed killer cluttering up your garage, and you won’t get stuck in bank holiday traffic if you underestimate how much treatment you should have bought. The solutions we carry in the chemical safes onboard our vans are commercial-grade and are not for sale to the general public; we also bulk-buy them, which means we can give you a professional weed treatment for a price that will surprise you.

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