Protecting Your Lawn from Chafer Grubs & Leatherjackets

Chafer Grubs are the larvae of Chafer Beetles. Feeding on the roots of the grass, they can cause significant damage. Like a silent ticking bomb beneath the soil, they work their mischief without you even noticing.

Leatherjackets are the larvae of Crane Flies or ‘daddy-long-legs’. Like the Chafer Grubs, they too have an insatiable appetite for grass roots.

Protecting Your Precious Lawn

When it comes to dealing with persistent lawn pests such as Chafer Grubs & Leatherjackets, sometimes a robust solution is required. For many homeowners, the idea of using insecticides might be daunting, but when used responsibly and professionally, it can serve as an effective remedy. As a leading lawn care company, we’ve had years of experience dealing with such pesky invaders, and we understand the intricacies involved in utilising insecticides.

Pest Free Lawn

Before diving straight into treatment, it's paramount to conduct a thorough assessment. Our trained experts will evaluate the extent of the infestation, ensuring the use of insecticides is genuinely necessary. It's not always about how much product you use, but where and when you apply it. Discover our chafer grub and leatherjacket treatments, or get in touch and we'll visit you for a free lawn analysis.

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