Lawn Aeration

Aerating Your Lawn

It’s a little-known fact that grass roots need air. When your soil has air running through it, your grass roots can breathe better, and the soft soil gives them the room to develop naturally.

Not all soil has enough air flowing through it, however; dry or bare patches of earth, and pools of standing surface water, are often evidence of an air-starved lawn. When soil is compacted or impervious, the grass can’t develop naturally and will often start to decline.

How Lawn Aeration Works

Aeration is all about breaking up compacted soil so that your grass has a fresh chance to flourish and grow. When we aerate a lawn, we use a machine to drive spikes through the surface of the soil. Water, air and fertiliser can then penetrate the top surface of the soil and feed your lawn’s hungry root system.

Our Lawn Aeration Services

At Lawnkeeper, we maintain a fleet of professional lawn aerators, custom-built to break through your soil quickly and with minimal mess. When it’s time to aerate your lawn, we’ll personally wheel the aerator into position, drive it around your lawn and finish off any inaccessible areas by hand with specialist aeration forks to ensure 100% coverage.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Find out if lawn aeration is right for you

When you aerate your lawn, you give your grass the best possible chance to flourish. As roots grow stronger, the grass gets stronger too, and your soil will do a better job of tolerating the constant summer traffic of kids, pets and garden parties. Book a free lawn analysis and we’ll show you how lawn aeration can help you fall in love with your lawn again.

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