Lawn Turfing

Fresh Green Lawns Laid from Turf

If you’ve got bald patches in your lawn but you’ve missed the natural season for lawn seeding, or if you simply want a stunning new lawn that looks great straight away, then lawn turfing is the ideal solution.

What is lawn turfing?

Lawn turfing is where we install m2 rolls of mature grass turf onto bare earth in your garden. This sort of instant ‘lawn grafting’ procedure is the fastest way to get a gorgeous, healthy lawn into your garden.

image-before image-after

Installing turf: what to expect

The great thing about turfing is that, once the turf is laid, your lawn looks instantly perfect. The turf rolls we use are cultivated for about 18 months in a specialist turf field.

The grass in each turf roll is strong and healthy, but it won’t be safe to walk on right away. You’ll need to water it regularly while you wait for the rolls of turf to knit together and bond with the earth beneath.

Healthy, lush green grass with minimal maintenance

Turfing gives your lawn the best possible start in life. Because you’re starting with mature, hardy grass cultivated in a commercial environment, your chances of weeds are low. There's no better option than professionally-grown turf if you want a healthy lawn with minimal maintenance. Get in touch with us to learn more about our re-turfing service.

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