Top Dressing

Professional Lawn Dressing Treatments

Top dressing is the best way to give fine lawns a mirror-smooth appearance. Not only does lawn dressing help the natural decomposition of thatch within the soil and protect new grass seeds in the germination phase, it also nourishes your grass and levels out bumps and hollows.

What is top dressing made of?

The material we use as top dressing is a loamy, mineral-rich fine soil. Sprinkled over the surface of an irregular or sinking lawn, the bulk helps to even out bumps and dips, whilst the minerals in the topsoil itself support the natural development of your grass.

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Why top dress your lawn?

When you regularly apply top dressing to your lawn, you make the layers of natural thatch (dead plant material) in your grass much thinner, which helps the thatch break down naturally and reduces the need for heavy scarifying. Top dressing can also improve your lawn’s drainage and help your grass to establish new shoots, saving money on re-seeding and re-turfing and improving weed resilience.

How we dress a lawn

The very best time to start top dressing a lawn is immediately after an aeration or scarification treatment. Both treatments open up and expose the soil beneath your grass, creating the perfect conditions for your top dressing to mix in and take hold. After that, most of our clients call us in for a ‘little and often’ yearly or half-yearly treatment, where we regularly apply a small amount of dressing across the grass to keep the lawn looking even and promote organic thatch breakdown. One-off dressing treatments work best on either side of summer, in the late spring and early autumn.

Find out if your lawn could benefit from top dressing

Top dressing can choke out your grass if applied incorrectly; it’s always best to ask a professional lawn care technician to calculate the precise volume of top dressing your lawn can bear and distribute it evenly. Before top dressing, you need to address any pre-existing lawn problems, create the best dressing blend for your garden and adjust your mowing schedule. Book a free lawn analysis from Lawnkeeper today and we’ll explain how you can get the lush, healthy, inviting lawn you’ve always dreamed of.

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