Weed Control

Grass Weed Control

Grass weeds ruin the look and feel of your lawn, spoiling the natural serenity of your outside space. What’s more, there’s no simple DIY solution that consistently works. Over-the-counter weed killers, diluted for safety, rarely last long enough, and manual weeding is an inefficient, thankless, back-breaking way to spend your free time. With Lawnkeeper’s regular feed & weed treatment, you’ll fight off lawn weeds, feed your grass and keep weeds under control all year round.

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The problem with grass weeds

Lawn weeds, like all plants, are engaged in a constant fight for space. Even seemingly innocuous weeds like daisies can cause trouble; as broadleaf weeds grow, their leaves block vital sunlight from the surrounding grass and rob precious nutrients from the soil. Moss in your lawn can also create problems, holding rainwater in its spongy structure, keeping moisture from reaching the soil beneath and creating the perfect environment for disease to set in.

How we control lawn weeds

At Lawnkeeper, we’re qualified in the safe handling and application of the best herbicides on the market — the kind that you just can’t buy as a member of the public. We apply a bespoke feed & weed treatment that matches the unique needs of your garden and we visit you regularly so that your weeds are kept in check year-round.

Book a weed treatment

If you need help fighting lawn weeds, give us a call. We’ll visit you and explain what needs to be done to bring your grass back to its natural state. Our goal is to have you barbecuing barefoot in a weed-free garden in 30 days...and all for a price that will surprise you.

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