Spring is just around the corner!

Although many areas have seen snow and heavy rain in recent weeks, we’re confident Spring will be here soon!

To make a real difference to your lawn this year, it’s well worth considering aeration and scarification:

aerationAeration of Lawns

After the wet conditions recently aeration will help surface drainage, introduce some air back into the soil and relieve compaction caused by the rain.

Above is a diagram of the benefits of aeration. It shows increased root growth following the improved conditions after aeration. New and stronger roots lead to healthier and stronger plants

Early spring is a good time to aerate, and many of our customers benefit from this service – if you would like to discuss aerating your lawns, please do get in touch.


Thatch (all the dead grass and moss in the base of the lawn) is one of the main reasons to cause a lawn to deteriorate. The benefits of scarifying a lawn include:

  • Increased disease tolerance.
  • Improved rooting.
  • Increased water, nutrient and oxygen movement into the soil.
  • Enhanced infiltration of rainfall or irrigation.
  • Reduces the amount of thatch.

Scarifying is best carried out in the early spring or autumn, so we are already planning and carrying out scarifying for the early spring. If you would like to discuss scarification of your lawn please do get in touch.

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