Spring lawn care tips

It’s time to cut your lawn!

The days are slowly getting longer and warmer, so you will probably have noticed that the grass has begun to grow. Now is the time to begin mowing, but make sure you don’t cut the grass too short as this will put the grass under stress. Check that your mower blade is good and sharp, or else you risk bruising and tearing the grass.

Are there areas of your lawn which require repairs?

Some parts of your lawn may have suffered during the prolonged period of cold and wet weather – April is a good time to apply some additional grass seed to any of those unsightly patches. For small areas, use a garden fork to create a series of holes – this will help the soil structure and give somewhere for the seed to germinate. Then apply the seed, cover with some fine top soil, apply some more seed and rake level. The seed doesn’t need to be completely buried in the soil.

Spring feed and weed

Our customers around the country will soon be getting their spring feed and weed treatment – this will include a slow release fertiliser which will help the grass to develop during this important part of the growing season. We’ll also use a suitable herbicide to kill any weeds.

If you’re currently doing it yourself, why not consider a free lawn analysis from Lawnkeeper? As lawn care professionals we have access to products which you can’t buy in the shops, and you’ll be surprised to find that it’s no more expensive than doing it yourself! Please contact your local lawn care technician for more information.

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