Summer lawn tips

wet grassMany areas had seen higher levels of rainfall than normal until the heat kicked in during the middle of July!

Like any plant, grass needs moisture to continue growing, so that prolonged dry spells can result in the grass developing brown patches as it conserves energy. Inevitably a healthier lawn which receives regular treatments will be able to recover more quickly than other lawns, because the plant and root structure will be stronger.

Some tips to help your lawn through the summer:

  • Don’t cut the grass too short! This will only result in ugly brown patches and the opportunity for diseases to take root. Raise the height of the mower blade, so that the slightly longer grass can maintain moisture and coolness more easily
  • Give the lawn a good watering at least once a week – in the evening is better than in the morning as less of the water will evaporate in the sunshine. How much should you water? If you are using a sprinkler, a good tip is to put a container somewhere on the grass and wait until it has reached 2-3cm (1 inch) in depth, before moving the sprinkler and repositioning the container.
  • Consider an application of a wetting agent which helps retain moisture in the soil, This encourages the maximum usage and absorption of moisture by the soil – please get in touch for more details on wetting agents.

And don’t forget to enjoy your lawn! Grass is incredibly resilient and is designed for playing on and sitting on! We hope you enjoy lots of sun filled summer days!

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